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Patient Questions

Do I need a referral to come to the Clinic?

A referral is needed to claim your Medicare rebate. A referral is also recommended so that your GP can include some of your relevant medical history which will help during your initial and review consultations. Simply visit your GP and ask for a referral to Melbourne Breast Unit. 

You may call and make your appointment for our Clinic prior to getting your referral. We do require referrals to be faxed or emailed prior to your appointment if possible.

Can I get a discount with a Centrelink Pension Concession Card/Government Repatriation Health Card/Government Health Care Card?

The Melbourne Breast Unit does not give any discounts for card holders. Medicare is the only claim that we can submit from the clinic on the patient’s behalf. 

Can I have a mammogram when I am menstruating?

Some women experience painful breasts at different times in their menstrual cycle. Try and make your appointment when your breasts seem the least sensitive, but if you have a specific symptom you should come in as soon as possible regardless.

We are located with Breast Imaging Victoria, which is a specialised diagnostic imaging facility highly experienced in dealing with breast concerns. Breast Imaging Victoria is one of the few facilities in Melbourne to now use 3D mammography (breast tomosynthesis) which is a newer technology that helps to eliminate most detection challenges with 2D mammography.

How much does the Clinic cost?

The cost of a visit to the Clinic varies according to the investigative procedures that are required. The exact cost depends on the type of consultation (first consultation or review consultation) and also if you require any additional tests on the day. For approximate costs please call 03 9419 1166.


Can I claim part of the cost back from my Private Health Fund?

This depends on the Health fund and the type of cover you have. Please check directly with your individual fund. Our clinic can submit only your claim to medicare.

Getting to your appointment and where to park?

Our clinic is easily accessible. We are near train, tram and bus stops. 

See our location for a list of public transport and parking options.

Do I need to do anything in particular on the day?

Please make sure to bring a valid referral made out to a breast surgeon/oncologist, all recent X-rays from any mammogram/ultrasound/biopsy procedures and pathology results.

Please wear a two-piece outfit (skirt and top or pants and top) and do not use any spray deodorant or perfume. 

We also require payment on the day for our consultations; we accept credit card, cheque or cash.

What happens to my results?

The specialist will send a letter to your referring doctor/any interested parties explaining the findings from the consultation. If you have had any imaging/biopsy/fine needle aspiration procedures the results are usually available the following working day. Some patients need to return for results and others are able to have their results by phone call.  We will only leave a message on an identified message system and on instruction from the patient.

Our breast specialists will always endeavour to give as many results on the day as possible. Some tests have to be sent to an external pathology company and may not be available on the day. 

What if I need surgery?

If surgery is recommended, this will be fully explained and any alternatives discussed. All our patient care is based on informed consent. We will make sure you are well informed and very comfortable to progress with surgery before we book anything in.

Our breast surgeons have regular theatre lists at our location within the Epworth Cliveden Private Hospital. Epworth Cliveden is a boutique hospital with full surgical care and operating theatre, enabling good communication with the Melbourne Breast Unit downstairs. Cliveden is recognised by all medical insurance companies but it is important that you confirm your eligiblity for the procedure with your insurer.

Every patient will be given an estimate for the fees for any surgical procedure which allows the patient to know about the out of pocket costs. You will also be given an estimated length of hospital stay.

How do I access my medical records?

MBU is required to maintain the confidentiality of patient information and to release that information under strict guidelines. 

Patient records can be released but only with full consent from the patient regarding which content can be released and only to another source as directed by the patient. We will never release any of your confidential information without full consent.



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Doctors' Questions

How can I get more referral pads/MBU information?

To request referral pads or MBU brochures please email

Can I request a MBU representative to visit my practice to update me on the Clinic activities?

Yes – for an update visit from an MBU representative please contact us.

Visits can be accommodated Monday to Friday with some exceptions for outside of office hours visits.


I am a GP and I would like to come for a tour of the Clinic to meet the specialists

We welcome the opportunity to give Doctors a tour of our clinic. It is also a great opportunity for Doctors to see the equipment we use and to meet the entire team. Please contact us for further information 

Can I refer patients to a specific doctor at the Clinic?

If you would like your patient to see a specific specialist at the Clinic please ask that they request this when making their appointment. We always guarantee patient’s with urgent issues can be seen by a specialist within 48 hours. 

When will I get my patient’s results?

Correlation of all findings will be performed by the multidisciplinary team and communicated directly to your patients at the end of their visit. When necessary the Breast Physician will contact you on the day your patient visits. Full imaging and consultation reports are sent to referring doctors within 1-3 days of the patient’s appointment.

How can I get my patient’s results?

The MBU offers referring doctors an efficient, reliable and convenient way of delivering correspondence and imaging reports straight into your practice management software. This is done via Argus and Healthlink.

If you would like to receive correspondence and imaging reports electronically from us, please call 03 9419 1166 or email

What if I think my patient might need breast imaging or further tests?

If the patient might need breast imaging or possibly a biopsy/aspiation of an area we are co-located with Breast Imaging Victoria and can also book appointments for their clinc. Please contact us on 03 9419 1166.