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Melbourne Breast Clinic

Welcome to the Melbourne Breast Unit (MBU) located in the historical Epworth Cliveden Hospital in East Melbourne. 

The highly specialised and dedicated multidisciplinary team at MBU provide a diagnostic, treatment and support service for women (and men) with breast concerns.

Working in conjunction with Breast Imaging Victoria, a private radiology service, breast surgeons Miss Suzanne Neil and Mr Su-Wen Loh provide a comprehensive (inpatient and outpatient) breast care service.

Complementing the team is medical oncologists Dr Yen Tran and Dr Richard de Boer, and radiation oncologists Dr Andrew See and Dr Bronwyn King, together with experienced breast care nurses, radiologists, and pathologists.



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Breast Care Services

We strive to provide an accurate and caring breast service for assessment, diagnosis and treatment if needed. We will always aim to minimise the anxiety associated with waiting and have built strong relationships with Imaging clinics and local pathology companies to ensure we deliver results quickly and accurately. 

Our Services

Our Services

  • Evaluation of breast concerns
  • Diagnosis, pre-treatment assessment and planning of therapy
  • Breast surgery
  • Multidisciplinary team review and planning of treatment
  • Second opinion on treatment recommendations
  • Familial risk assessment
  • Team approach for breast reconstruction 
  • Follow-up services
  • Psychological support
Radiology Services

Radiology Services

On-site radiology services are provided by Breast Imaging Victoria. We can organise 3D Mammograms, Ultrasounds and biopsy procedures on site . This enables the Breast Specialist to review imaging and be involved in any procedures that may be needed.

This results in the Radiologist and Breast Specialist coming together to give a full recommendation on follow up and further testing during your visit.

Our Team

Our Team

We are available by consultation to confidentially discuss your concerns and to guide you appropriately.

We see a wide variety of patients with breast problems and are happy to develop care plans for peace of mind, treatment, surveillance and screening. This will sometimes involve having another specialist involved in your care plan.

At MBU we have specialists who attend our clinic for consultations and also specialists we refer to nearby for additional support and guidance. These include:

  • Medical Oncologists​
  • ​​Radiation Oncologists
  • Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons
  • Radiologists
  • Psychologists

Our approach is simple. We aim to create a nurturing
environment where the patient is our priority.


Nurturing<br />Breast Clinic<br />Environment

Breast Clinic

Quality of Care

The team at The Melbourne Breast Unit provide a comfortable and professional environment for patients and are committed to ensuring a positive and stress-free experience. 

Our goal is to provide a world-class breast care service, providing continuity of support both in the clinic and also when it is needed outside of your appointment.